Please Vote: Guest Bloggers – yay or nay?

Do you want to hear from guest bloggers?

Please Vote: Guest Bloggers – yay or nay?

Hello LMOI readership!

I want to start off by saying thank you for being readers of my blog. I hope you have found my posts helpful – albeit a bit long. I can’t help it, I’m a talker! And I’m always open to feedback, suggestions, and requests for ways I can help you get organized.

I’ve had a lot of inquiries lately about doing a guest blog post on the LMOI blog. I have politely turned them down but perhaps you’d like to hear another voice on here?

In the last year I have been using the LMOI blog to help my clients with advice, and build my own writing muscle and voice while I write a children’s book series on organizing (7 manuscripts written in a list of about 20 titles total). It’ll be like a Berenstain Bears series where I break down lessons within each book. They’ll benefit both older children who can read them on their own, or the younger children and their parents who will read the series to them. I’m even working on a parental guide accompaniment that could go with each book, or be a separate book on it’s own.

But perhaps you’d like to hear from guest bloggers? Please let me know your thoughts via email – lauren(at)letmeorganizeit(dot)com – or post in the comments of any blog posts.

Thank thank you again for reading!

Lauren Mang
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