That Makes Me h-APP-y! Trov App Review

That Makes Me h-APP-y! Trov App Review

As a professional organizer, I not only spend time organizing spaces, I also assist clients with properly disposing of the things they no longer want. I try to be as green as possible by donating, recycling, free-cycling or selling items before simply throwing them in the trash. More often than not, clients are interested in selling their items. I have a lot of resources to help them, but how do you determine the value of an item? This is where Trov comes in.

I had the pleasure of working for Trov during it’s earlier start-up days. I was excited to work for them because I knew that their application would revolutionize the secondary (or resale) market, as well as the real estate, art, and insurance industries. I love their new marketing commercial with their Australian partner Suncorp Insurance – we should all be taking #stuffies and not #selfies:

Trov ‘automatically categorizes and tracks important information’ for all the stuff you own. You take a photo of an item (your car, your diamond ring, your house, your iPhone, even your dog) and include any information on that item (purchase price/date, latest appraisal value, VIN or AKC number, whatever applies). You can even upload receipts or appraisals. Trov will also give you a secondary market or resale value for the item so you know what it is worth when you are ready to sell it. The app is even smart enough to alert you when the value of your item changes.

Change in value

The reason this is so helpful is if something gets lost or stolen, you have a record of what you have and what it was worth. This is great from an insurance standpoint (make sure you’re not underinsured for your belongings). But I can’t tell you how helpful the app has been for me personally. Once I needed to know my VIN number, so I pulled up my Trov app and bam, there it was. Or the time my friend mentioned she was moving and looking for new furniture, and I was able to show her photos of my furniture, and tell her how much I would sell the items to her based on the value in my Trov. It saved me time and helped me to make a little money, and who wouldn’t love that?! I also love that it’s cloud-based so I have the information with me at all time, rather than having to wait until I get home and look up that purchase receipt (if I can find it) or appraisal.

The value of your Trov

Another bonus? You can give each item a location. Want to know where you put away that painting you inherited from your grandparents? Use your Trov to remember it’s hidden in the attic. Or if you’re lucky enough to have multiple houses, you can track your items within each house. Of course, this feature is only as good as the person who keeps the information up-to-date, but with a little time and effort, you’ll have this information at your fingertips.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own Trov today! Trov is available on IOS and Android, free of charge.

*video and images courtesy of Trov

Lauren Mang
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