How I Can Help

In the Home or Office

Let me create your perfect sanctuary, where you can find everything, relax, and spend time on things that really matter, rather than on all your stuff. Let me help you be as successful and efficient as possible, by implementing paper filing systems, going paperless, or coaching you on time management.

Garages, Storage Units, Downsizing

Let me help you discover the freedom that comes with saying no to “things”, so you can say yes to relationships and activities.

In Your Life

Let me provide a nonjudgmental space where you can share your goals/visions, ask questions, and be set up for success. Let me show you the way to a mindful and balanced way of life, and the bliss that comes with living with less.

Recent Transformations

Bedroom shelving reimagined

Bedroom shelving reimagined

A place for everything

A place for everything

Homework nook

Homework nook








Latest News, Tips, and Events

  • My life was forever changed 6 years ago when I attended (while interning for) Beth Penn of Bneato Bar’s Paperwork Bootcamp. Beth described it as a “wo...

  • The other day a client said to me “Well, it’s because I’m a perfectionist.” And I gave a chuckle and responded with “Well, I’m a recovering perfectionist.” Which then made me think this w...

  • When people find out what I do they are always surprised: people pay you to do that?! I admit, I was shocked too when I found out this was a profession, but it’s clearly t...

  • One of the biggest skills I try to impart on my clients is writing notes to their future self. The majority of us do not have assistants to keep us on task, leaving us to do this for ou...

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