Donation places I use regularly:


Like Goodwill but better. They proceeds benefit PARCA. They take almost everything (clothing, accessories, homewares and goods, some furniture, books, etc.) but you have to bring it to them. They also have the best donation hours (9am-8pm daily, including many holidays): 875 Main Street, Redwood City, 94061


This unique company will help you do a big clean out, taking items to consign, items to donate and items that need to be recycled/disposed of. You contact them with the items (photos, measurements, info) and they will put a quote together. Super efficient and usually cheaper than 1800GotJunk and you have the opportunity to make money back on the consignments. Mention NAPO-SFBA for 15% off your pickup.

RWC Catholic Worker House

Takes food/pantry items, kitchen items, office supplies, kids toys/books/games, bedding (especially sleeping bags, blankets and pillows), toiletries (gently used, travel and full size), certain housewares, and clothing (men, women, children). They also take toiletry donations (new; full size bottles). It’s best to call in t arrange a time to drop; do not leave on the porch. Ask for Susan, Aida or Larry. 545 Cassia Street, Redwood City, 94061 (right around the corner from Saver’s).


Takes kitchen items, bedding, kids toys/books, some housewares (lamps, vases, decor) and clothing (men, women, children). They also take toiletry donations (new; full size bottles). You have to bring donations to them: MWF 1pm-4pm, 110 Locust Street, Redwood City, 94061; ask for Franco or Rebecca.

Second Harvest

Food bank which will take some perishable (nothing that needs to be frozen or refrigerated, so mostly fruits/veggies) and non-perishable foods, and they are ok if the food is expired but only within the last year: 1051 Bing Street, San Carlos, 94070

Ecumenical Hunger Program

Located in East Palo Alto they take clothing/toys, furniture/decor and food donations. The are one of the few places that will come and pick up your items, but you need to contact them and send a list in advance with photos and measurements and get approval: 2411 Pulgas Ave, E. Palo Alto, CA 94303

The Shop

On Santa Cruz Ave in Menlo Park. It benefits The Junior League. Robbie (owner) runs a nice shop and she is one of the last stores that itemizes and sends a receipt to you with a value for items she sells. What she can’t sell she takes to The Goodwill down the street but doesn’t give you a receipt for it. Take donations to the backdoor Tues-Sat during business hours: 785 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park, 94025

Pets in Need

I take gently used pet toys, beds, leashes/collars and unopened/unexpired food here. They are very grateful for donations: 871 5th Ave, Redwood City, 94063

Woodside High School/Theater Group

I take office supplies and some odd donations (like a rotary phone or an old naval uniform or really old books that could be used for sets or props for the theater group to the high school. You might go to a school closer to you or find a local theater group and ask if they want X, Y or Z for props. Take to the main administrative building (in the circle): 199 Churchill Ave, Woodside, 94062

Selby Lane Elementary School

I take arts/crafts and school supplies here and they are always appreciative. I’ve also taken musical instruments. I usually drop them in the main office and the principal (Warren) reviews them; they can provide a receipt if you ask for it: 170 Selby Lane, Atherton, 94027


I got here several times a month, especially recently. They take fabrics, paints, used canvases, corks, buttons, anything that can be used by artists for creating arts. They are located in San Francisco (off Caesar Chavez/101 exit) and take donations 10am-4pm Tuesday through Saturday: 801 Toland St, San Francisco, 94124

Kindle Classroom Project

This wonderful charity provides used kindles and tablets to high school students in the San Francisco Bay area. Please send any unused/unwanted but workable kindles and their cords to these teachers, who refurbish the tech items and hand out to students in need.


Local libraries will take books for their Friends of the Library fundraisers. That’s typically where I take most books. I also take books to Saver’s (especially cookbooks and coffee table books) and kids books go to the schools or to Ronald McDonald House (only new though).

Woodside Village Hub

The church hosts an annual rummage sale, and I’ve taken many rounds of client donations to them for this sale. Please contact them in advance to see if they are able to take what you have to offer.

Renovation Angel

Recently learned about this organization. They want you to send photos/dimension of the items you want to donate. They then send a specialist to come see everything and arrange for a moving company to come get the items (for free). They’ll give you a donation receipt. It looks like a great charity!

Oakland Museum of Art, White Elephant Sale

A client is using this to donate some art/furniture/decor and they put it in the annual sale. We had to approve the donations with photos in an email to the contact. They would *not* take a piano. Anyway, they also pick up (for free) and provide a receipt.

Give Back Box

This charity provides you with a pre-paid shipping label and asks you to use Amazon boxes you have on hand to fill with your donations and send to them. Please be sure to send only donations – no trash, nothing broken, no recycling. This has become a great option while we shelter in place, as you can arrange to have the box picked up from your door.

There’s also St. Vincent de Paul (although I haven’t used them in several years) and Goodwill or the Salvation Army. These have not been my favorite places so I don’t tend to use them ever but they are options.

Baby Specific Donations:

Blossom Birth Services

Palo Alto location. They take maternity and baby/toddler items (toys, clothes, gear, tec.). Check website for donation hours. They provide a donation receipt and some items they cannot take they’ll recommend go to Ecumenical Hunger Program. You can always call to ask about donations before bringing them over.

Healthy Horizons

Burlingame and Menlo Park locations. They take maternity and baby/toddler items (toys, clothes, gear, tec.). Check website for donation hours. This is not a 501(c)3 or non-profit organization so they will *not* provide a donation receipt, but will try t get the items to a good home and keep them out of the landfill. You can always call to ask about donations before bringing them over.

For clothing/furniture consignments:


I can connect you with people if you want; they will only take certain designers and are picky about clothes but let me know if you want to know more about this option. They have a world-wide reach and decent consignment rates. I’ve had a lot of success with this place with clients. You’ll send items to them by mail – they usually pay for shipping.

Fillmore & 5th

They will only take clothing for the current season and you don’t get a lot out of them but I’ve had success with clients’ consigning here and have even shopped here myself (cute stuff). They are very easy to deal with and send checks without needing to follow up. Call to check on donation hours (I believe Tues-Sat certain hours when the manager is there): 855 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, 94301

Home Consignment Center

I think they also have one in San Jose or in Santa Clara County that might be closer to you. They will take furniture but you have to schedule a pickup (and sent them photos in advance of what you want to consign) and you have to pay to deliver the items there. I’ve not actually used them before with clients. We usually go another route. 1123 Industrial Rd A, San Carlos, 94070

For other clothing donations:

Dress for Success

San Jose or San Francisco; they take clothing for women looking for jobs/appropriate attire. My stylist donates to them all the time.

Other options for selling items online:


But only for items you know you’ll get a good return on; online selling takes a lot of time and patience. I know someone who can possibly list the stuff for you and you pay her a commission.


I do not personally have an account here but it’s good for clothing/accessories.


By far the best tool for me to get strange items (boy scout memorabilia; photo dark room supplies; etc.) to homes and out of the landfill. I have tips for posting so you’ll get more views


I’ve had a lot of success with this website. They require a lot of information but they have a worldwide reach and help out with shipping. I love using them.

Sotheby’s Home

Just like Chairish but even higher end.


I have a plethora of other resources for donating and recycling various items (medications, shoes, ink, prescription glasses, etc.). Just reach out and ask for what you need.

I also have connections to appraisers at Pall Mall Art Advisors who can help you find out the value of items and introduce you to sellers who would be interested in consigning. I used to work in the auction world (Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonhams) so can connect you with people at those companies if you’re interested in going that route. Please reach out and ask!

Junk Haulers:

Meyers Family Hauling

I cannot recommend Chris Meyers enough! A small business owner who is friendly, helpful, reliable, and makes my clients happy – he’s someone on my shortlist for help when it comes to hauling and labor type jobs. And I love supporting other small business owners who live to make sure their clients are happy/satisfied. Please note Chris is based on the Peninsula in the SF Bay Area and is limited between SF and SJ.


This unique company will help you do a big clean out, taking items to consign, items to donate and items that need to be recycled/disposed of.  They are eco friendly and their last stop is the dump but consider them your all-in-one resource. Mention NAPO-SFBA for 15% off your pickup.


When you need just a junk hauler, these guys can be great! I’ve had them help with several rat infested spaces, or post construction. Friendly crew, and easy booking. Mention NAPO10 for 10% off your pickup. Not all local departments know this so tell them this is a national promo code and they should give it to you. 1800GotJunk is a NAPO National Business Partner.

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