Frequently Asked Questions

How do we begin?

Your journey to organization begins with a call or email to Let Me Organize It. From there I’ll answer any questions you have upfront, and will ask some in return to help me better understand the scope of the project(s). A 15-20 minute phone assessment will likely suffice, or for locals, I can arrange an in-person complimentary meet-and-greet. Next, I’ll give you an estimate of how long it should take and the overall cost. If you choose to move forward with the services, I’ll book your sessions immediately based on our mutual availability.

How long will it take?

It will depend on the scope of the project, but I will give you an estimate after our initial assessment. If you need a project to happen quickly, I can bring a team to accomplish it in a shorter period of time. Ultimately, it comes down to how quickly or slowly you want to work – I’ll will go at your pace.

I’m embarrassed for an organizer to see how messy I’ve let an area get. Should I try to clean up a bit before you arrive?

No, this is why you’ve hired me: to work with you to organize the clutter, and coach you so that you have the confidence to tackle future organizing projects on your own. Your home is a judgment-free zone, and you should never feel embarrassed. It’s crucial that I see exactly how you live so I can make sure to create a system that works for your way of life. I promise, your space is not the worst I’ve seen.

Do I need to provide you with anything to work with while onsite?

No. I will bring any necessary tools for the initial organization. Before we can purchase organizing items (bins, file folders, furniture, etc.), we need to categorize, potentially downsize, and identify where items will live. Only then, can we plan accordingly for additional purchases, if they are even necessary.

Will you purchase items to help me get organized?

If you are interested in new storage solutions, I provide shopping services at a discounted hourly rate. But please note, we can use existing storage bins in your home, or I can suggest cheaper alternatives. I will take photographs and measurements to make sure any new purchases will fit in your spaces (both physically and aesthetically). I can also provide you a detailed list of items to purchase on your own. I do not recommend purchasing any containers or bins before our first session.

How do I know you're a true professional?

I am a professional member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) which holds us to a code of ethics and requires us to fulfill a certain number of education hours. I attend both regional and national conferences, as well as various other meetings (chapter, special interest, neighborhood) to gain education and network with corporate associate members. This means I come prepared with a list of resources for my clients who need additional assistance in other areas.

Additionally, I am a chapter member of both the San Francisco Bay Area and Virtual Chapters. I have served as the Director of Marketing on the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Chapter, was the former POINT Committee chair and still serve on the committee, led the Holistic Special Interest Group for two years, and continue volunteer in many other ways.

NAPO has two mottos: “do no harm” and “together we are better.” I’m proud to be a member of such a prestigious organization.

Finally, I am fully insured and take care of your possessions and spaces when organizing.

What is included in your services?

When you book sessions with me, you get some added perks:
-access to my list of resources
-complimentary hauling away of 1 carload of donations per session (with a few exceptions)
-my vast knowledge of how to dispose of items without adding to the landfill (rehome, recycle, reuse, donate, free cycle)
-realistic advice on selling items (what are they really worth; where are you most likely to get a buyer; is it really worth your time)
-information on how to incorporate Feng Shui in your spaces/lifestyle

*services may change

I've never been organized. What if I'm a lost cause?

Disorganization occurs for two reasons: lack of knowledge on organization systems or situational disorganization (you became disorganized do to a situation, like a move, unemployment, or the loss of a loved one).

You may struggle with organizing because someone always did it for you, or it wasn’t a priority in your life. Just like training and running a marathon, you can build your organizing muscle to handle basic organization on your own, because I work with you to set you up for success.

I think I may be a hoarder. Do you work with hoarders?

Chances are you’re not a “hoarder.” This is a term that has become mainstream thanks to the media. Hoarding is a mental disorder and typically stems from a traumatic event. I am not qualified to work in hoarding situations, but have connections for those who need professional help. Those struggling with hoarding tendencies (whether an individual or the family) need to work with a psychiatrist or psychologist as well as a professional organizer who has been trained in working in hoarding situations.

You can find trained Professional Organizers who specialize in those with hoarding tendencies through NAPO ( or ICD (

You may feel you have hoarding tendencies, but it’s more likely you are “Chronically Disorganized.” The good news is that you can be organized and I will show you how.

Do I really need to be involved? Can't you just make my space look nice?

Yes, your involvement is crucial. First of all, I LOVE working with people. When I set you up for success, I am setting us both us for success. I can’t wait to see you tackle something that you have felt too intimidated to do on your own, and show you how easy – and dare I say, fun – it can be. Plus, organizing is very personal. I plan to teach you the basics of organizing, and what will work for you based on your lifestyle/how you learn. With these tools, you can work on your own, and even teach others. Together we will make your space look nice – it’s so much more rewarding that way!

What if I can't afford you?

When clients fear the cost of organizing services, they immediately put up a roadblock to success. Consider the investment: how much are you willing to pay now to make life easier for you in the future. How much would you pay to get more time: to be with those you love; to indulge in some self care; to take a vacation; to do what you’re passionate about?

When you invest in me, you are investing in you. You are investing in more time; less stress; a sense of balance. This may seem scary initially, but getting organized brings a sense of relief. Let’s be honest, organizing can be emotionally taxing (ever heard of decision fatigue? It’s real!) – but I’m here to guide you, inspire you, motivate you, and aim make organizing fun!

This may be the best investment you make, because it is an investment in yourself, your family, and your future.

My organizing and consultation rates are based on services offered, my education and level of experience.

Finally, my goal is always to transfer the right skills for you so that you won’t need me after a few projects/sessions. Some clients call me years later for a refresher, while others were able to learn quickly and have been able to keep up the systems we put in place. You can see more of what LMOI clients have had to say on the testimonials page.

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