LMOI Active File Hour Workshop

Active File Hours Workshop is held on Mondays in the late afternoon for 1-hour.

This is ideal for LMOI clients who have an LMOI Active Files© system in place, but can work for anyone needing to work through a project for 1-hour (taxes; bookkeeping; receipts; photo projects; etc.).

How it works:
The goal is to work in 15-min increments to work through:

  • To Do folder (see what needs to be done this week)
  • Pending folder (make sure nothing has fallen between the cracks)
  • To Scan (if you have a paperless system, work on scanning)
  • To File (work on filing paperwork into your resource/reference or archive files)
  • To Shred (shred items no longer needed)

Additionally, if there’s time, participants can:

  • Work on “To Do” items
  • Work on monthly receipts/reconciliations
  • Backup their computers
  • Work on photo backups or going through camera roll to delete unnecessary photos

Lauren will keep track of the time, announcing when 15-min has passed. At the end we celebrate our wins.

Attendees have said how grateful they are for this hour each week to catch up on the admin work. They admit an hour each week saves them so much time in the long run, and they’ve enjoyed getting into the habit of weekly time to get things done.

The workshops are limited to 8 attendees*. Cost: $33 for 1-hour which you can pay for here. Workshops are run on Zoom (Lauren will send a link/calendar invite once you pay).

*if more than 8 people sign up, I’ll offer a second workshop

“Before working with Lauren I struggled to keep up with my business and household paperwork. Things slipped through the cracks and created a lot of frustration and stress in both my business and marriage. Lauren walked me through my Active File system setup. I was skeptical because it seemed so simple. To make sure I was successful I also signed up for her weekly Active File accountability sessions. My time savings is extraordinary, but I saw the real transformation in my stress levels. Since working with Lauren I haven’t felt an ounce of stress about paperwork. Everything is where it needs to be. I know I have reserved time to handle it, so I don’t even give it a second thought during the rest of the week. I legit sleep better. I’m a better business owner, wife, mom, and friend simply from the time and stress I have saved dealing with paperwork.”
-Michelle, Kirkland, WA

How a Professional Organizer Manages Her Paperwork

Our Version of The Buddy System

  • Group accountability
  • Friendly encouragement

  • One-on-one coaching available
  • Help with trouble shooting problems

  • Routine that keeps you committed
  • Kudos and congratulations

LMOI Accountability Hours Workshop

Accountability Hours Workshop is held on Wednesdays, for 2-hours (times vary by week)

The goal is to have accountability partners to who help us get through our projects and to do lists. It’s the modern day Buddy System.

How it works:
We each announce at the beginning of the workshop what we will be working on (30 seconds each). We do a brief check-in at the halfway mark to see how things are going, and then again at the end of the session where we share encouraging words or help celebrate your success!

During the workshop, Lauren is available to do brief one-on-one coaching in breakout rooms (so our conversation is private) for those who need help trouble shooting a problem, need to know where to start, or want to talk through a larger project that they are feeling overwhelmed by.

You can use this time to work on To Dos, tidying, or simply “adulting” (getting all that stuff done you dread and always put off). The choice is up to you, but knowing others are doing it at the same time makes it easier to stomach, and you’ll be surprised at how the time flies, I promise.

Attendees have said that without these accountability hours, they’d get nothing done! They love the friendly environment, and a supportive group of people who keep them committed to their goals. We’re all in this together.

The workshops are limited to 8 attendees*. Cost: $66 for 2-hours which you can pay for here. Workshops are run on Zoom (Lauren will send a link/calendar invite once you pay).

*if more than 8 people sign up, I’ll offer a second workshop

“I started Lauren’s Accountability Workshops during the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place. What a God-send! It has forced me to update my task list at the beginning of each week, stay focused when I am working, get things done, and see my progress. It’s always been easy for me to get distracted – my husband sometimes jokes that I can be ‘distracta-girl.’ Now that I’m not spending 6+ hours a week driving to my Personal Trainer workouts you’d think I have plenty of time to do keep up with computer tasks. But no, it turns out it’s not the time, it’s the focus and commitment. It’s very satisfying to stay at my desk, get things done, get support from Lauren and the group, and report back what I was able to accomplish. It keeps me ‘accountable.’ I’m looking forward to continuing the sessions after we can leave our homes again to keep me on track.”
-Janet, Woodside, CA

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