Lauren was born to do this! She works with you to figure out what will work for you. She’s seen so many different ways of organizing that her tool box is full of great ideas. And if it doesn’t work the first time, she tries another approach, which I really appreciate.

After I retired, my husband “gave” me a year to convert my home office into my office/craft room. Two years later we realized I was just moving things around and not making any progress. He suggested that there must be “people” out there who could help me. I interviewed several people and Lauren was my hands down favorite. We worked together and solved all my problems. Today my “home office” functions better than it did in the past, still holds everything I need, and we even made room for my sewing table and a small fold out double bed for guests! My hoards of yarn and crafting supplies are now perfectly organized by color and type in the office closet. My electronic “parts” and other craft supplies/tools are in neatly labeled, color-coded boxes. When I need anything, I can locate it in minutes!

Books are on bookshelves instead of in boxes; photographic slides are in cupboards waiting to be sent for scanning (something Lauren also helps with). Life is much more manageable. Even my bedroom closet shelves are full of labeled boxes - it's addicting. I could go on and on!

And one of the best parts of her service (besides her wealth of knowledge, referrals to other professionals, and cheerful demeanor) is that each time she visits, she takes a car load of things to be donated to just the right places, which puts my mind at ease that items stay out of the landfill and go to where they are needed. Just ask her about the one time she took some donations to a Gentlemen's Club!
-Janet H., Woodside, CA

It has been a wonderful pleasure to work with Lauren. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t ask her to help me with my years of accumulation in my very small apartment years ago! In a very supportive and professional manner, Lauren helped me tackle areas that were burgeoning with unnecessary and long-forgotten items. Now, not only do I have more space, but I also have a renewed sense of possibility and potential for my living space. Lauren’s work ethic, completely non-judgmental stance and creative ideas have made me recommend her to all my friends who have also accumulated too much “stuff” over the years.
- Lynn C., Redwood City, CA
Lauren systematically, yet in rhythm with my current mood, went through my closets with the goal of not just organizing, but also letting go of things I’d hung on to forever for no good (enough) reason. Lauren has the gift of being ultra organized in a very calm, thoughtful way, and she can see multiple solutions for most any problem. She does not impose her solution, but asks questions which help me to see the best way. She also is very respectful of quirks people may have in how they want their closet/lives to work. This ensures that you don’t end up with something that only looks amazing until you start using it and then realize it’s not at all something you could sustain. Lauren is very down to earth and makes one feel comfortable. She does not make judgmental comments about stuff you have, even the obviously yucky stuff you should have dumped long ago. She is extremely helpful in taking things to potentially sell for consignment or donating items you cannot give away otherwise. Always prompt and ready, she makes what can be a difficult task easy.
- S.B., Woodside, CA
Lauren is a fantastic organizer. She helped me declutter my condo and a storage space, tasks that I’ve been putting off for a long time. She has a passion for organizing and this shines through in her work. In a few short hours, we plowed through hundreds of items and she packed her car and took them to Goodwill for me. She sold some items on consignment and kept me informed during that process. Lauren goes the extra mile in her work, I highly recommend her.
- John T., San Francisco, CA
Lauren has successfully transformed my pack rat of a daughter’s room into a peaceful oasis. She engaged with my daughter and encouraged her to come up with a plan to succeed and then helped tweak it to make sure it was realistic. In two mornings, they purged, cleaned and reorganized every corner of her room. My daughter is so proud of herself and I am so thankful for Lauren and her ability to get a lazy pre-teen to take control of her clutter. I would definitely recommend Lauren and LMOI to anyone who has given up hope on their children’s rooms ever being organized.
- Claire D., Alamo, CA
I recently had to downsize from a 2-bedroom home to a one bedroom condo with 50 years worth of accumulated “stuff.” Thankfully my daughter generously gifted me the services of Let Me Organize It. My kitchen and storage unit are now arranged so that I can access everything, and my countertops and cupboards are beautifully uncluttered. Lauren was amazing with rearranging what was left after the big purge so that I had exactly what I needed within easy reach. I was so impressed with the common sense approach to the project, but I am most grateful for Lauren’s kindness. She helped me to make the best decisions for my lifestyle, and for that I am most grateful. I feel liberated now from the clutter and from the burden of holding on to possessions I won’t ever use. Lauren is a genius at maximizing space and a self-help guru, too.
- L.R., Kirkland, WA
Recently, my wife and I were faced with downsizing from a densely furnished 4,040 sq. ft. home into a 890 sq. ft. retirement community apartment. Needless to say we found the herculean task daunting. Over a three day period Lauren, in a hands on way, devised a process that inventoried all our belongings. She then helped us determine how much of what we want to take with us would fit into our new space and how it would look, by using a software which matched the floor plan of the apartment with the dimensions of our furniture. Lauren then created categories for what to do with the items that would not be part of our relocation. Additionally, she arranged for the leading furniture appraiser for Bonhams to visit us and appraise certain items. This was highly “valued added” advise. We would strongly recommend Lauren. She is efficient, resourceful, effective and pleasant in what can be a trying process.
- Harry D., Palm Springs, CA
Lauren is the person to call when you become overwhelmed with “stuff.” I had a 12′ X 30′ storage unit filled with furniture and boxes containing a lifetime of stuff. In just over two days, with little help from me, Lauren separated everything into 3 piles: keep, donate, toss. And she did ALL the tossing and donating on my behalf; I barely lifted a finger. I highly recommend Lauren. She is fun to work with and she will help you get your big mess/clutter organized. Two thumbs up!
- Scott S., Redwood City, CA
In just under two months Lauren developed a floor plan, scheduled cleaning and purging days, and worked with us to rearrange…our small non profit office space. We now have a beautiful, spacious office and bounds more storage space without having to buy anything new. Our “after” office allows us to work more collaboratively because of the new open space and more efficiently because of the new designated working areas…She was very understanding of our busy schedule and lack of organizing skills and asked us questions and created the plan according to our needs, wants, and hopes, so that in the end we had something that worked for us. I highly recommend Lauren to other small offices and non profits!
- Mari G., Los Angeles, CA
Lauren organized, catalogued and indexed complex documents so that the files were easily accessible for review. Additionally, she organized my entire office making it much more efficient. She took care of shredding highly confidential paperwork, and suggested the purchase of office equipment and storage solutions. Lauren is meticulous with great attention to detail and I would recommend her to anyone.
– Martin W., Palo Alto, CA
Lauren helped me complete the task of dealing with the mass of books, papers, photographs and other items from my parents’ estate. Lauren was remarkable in conveying her respect for my parents and the things that they had cared about. She packed and sent the family photos to be scanned or distributed to my siblings. She also used her contacts to see that almost all of the cameras, darkroom equipment and other items that had been so important to my father, such as his Boy Scout badges and medals, found new homes with people who appreciated them, which made it easier for me to let go of them feeling that my father would have approved.
– Debby S., Menlo Park, CA
Lauren is amazing! She has so many magical resources at her fingertips that waving her wand makes things disappear or sit in their right places and shape up! Thanks, Lauren.. I don't know what I would have done without you! You will always be on my ``go to`` list!
- Louise R., Palo Alto, CA
Lauren diligently and respectfully stayed in touch with me until both of our calendars synced. Once she came over to my place, we spent six hours organizing my closet, my bedroom, my entryway closets and my kitchen. She totally revolutionized the way I keep all of those spaces organized and I have KEPT them organized two months later. Not only that, she was just a delightful person to spend an afternoon with. When it was all done, she also took all of the items I wanted to give away to Goodwill and sent me the tax deductible receipt, with no extra cost of the time it took her. I will definitely be using Lauren in the future when I need to get organized again, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to clean up their life!
– Kristin B., San Francisco, CA