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Nextdoor: My Best Kept Marketing Secret

On-demand Webinar for Professional Organizers (& other service-based small businesses)

Looking for clients, but have a limited marketing budget?

Feeling limited or confused by the posting rules on Nextdoor?

Not quite sure how Nextdoor works?

You’re not alone!

I’ll share why is my best kept marketing secret.

After paying for print ads that led nowhere, and succumbing to a marketing scam, I vowed to invest my time, and not my money, into building my brand and reaching new clientele.

Armed with knowledge of how online forums work (thanks to my time on the POINT Committee and as POINT Chair), I’ve made work for me by focusing on 4 main strategies. I’ll share how my posts on my personal Nextdoor profile generate interest, direct messages or emails, and clicks back to my website. The presentation will include case studies and visual examples of real posts.

Additionally, you’ll hear from Digital Marketing Expert and Coach, Michelle Tresemer of Foundations First Marketing, on why these techniques work, and how they compare to paid ads. Having served over 120 clients and with over 20-years of marketing experience, she’s pretty much seen it all, and makes digital marketing strategies easy to understand and implement.

Viewers will learn:

  • why Nextdoor is a platform you want to invest your time in
  • 4 types of posts and interactions that will build your brand, reach clients, and still abide by the rules
  • why these strategies work from a digital marketing expert
  • how to drive neighbors to your website, without breaking the rules or paying for ads
  • good housekeeping and etiquette tips

Disclaimer: this presentation will not focus on Ads for Nextdoor through your professional/business page. The focus will be on your personal page – since is a social media platform, and therefore meant to be social.

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Hear from past attendees:

What a great presentation! I want to thank you for all the great tips you provided. I worked in a clearing out situation and I posted several items for sale. I posted on FB marketplace, BuyNothing, OfferUp and only one person contacted me. But on Nextdoor all the 27 items flew! All your tips on managing the incoming conversations, the coordination for pick up, the “copy paste” responses and directions definitely made my life easier. So again thank you! I am so glad I took your webinar!”

SH (organizer), CA


Amazing presentation! Thank you so much to you and Michelle for sharing such valuable information!” 

-NC (organizer), PA


“I just watched the recording of the last Nextdoor webinar. Thank you Lauren, that was amazing, and I loved all your tips about making personal connections and helping people out first.”

-AD (organizer), NY


The workshop was really helpful – thanks! I’m delighted to let you know that I just got a client from Nextdoor! I haven’t even been able to find the post that he connected with me on – he emailed me. Thanks again for your workshop!”

-LZ (organizer), NY

*got the client 3 weeks after attending the webinar*


This was great, Lauren, thank you! Getting active on NextDoor is part of my business plan for the next three months. Thanks for the tips; I appreciate your approach to it.”

-SD (organizer), IN


“BTW, I loved your NextDoor presentation last week. I really appreciated learning how you can use the business account to track your activity. I’ll have to watch the recording again. You really packed a lot of information into the webinar. Great job!

-SB (organizer), VA


Thank you Lauren and Michelle for the presentation today.  It was really well done and incredibly valuable.”

-AC (organizer), CA


“I just had the chance to watch your webinar on Nextdoor. Loved it! Thanks for offering it a second time. Very helpful.

-ES (organizer), WA


I attended your last “Next Door’ presentation and thought it was terrific. Thanks Lauren!”

-AP (organizer), NY


I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Next Door webinar.

-TD (organizer), NJ

SUPER well done!!!

-KS (organizer), CA


“I just finished watching your NextDoor presentation. It was SO informative. Your trainings are always so well organized and polished, and I used to develop trainings so I don’t say that often! I thought there was a lot of useful info for how to handle social media in general, not just NextDoor. Thanks so much for the training!

-VG (organizer), WA


This was an EXCELLENT workshop – thank you!

-BM (organizer), CO


Great info! Will give it a shot since I moved to [redacted] and need to restart my business here. Very useful!” 

-CM (organizer), CA


Wonderful seminar — thank you for offering it!” 

-EP (organizer), CA


Thank you for a great webinar! I was using ND as I saw posts but was not nearly as proactive and diligent as you advised. Just wanted to report that last night I responded to three and created my own post. It worked! I’m sure you’re not surprised. Now to just keep up with it daily! Still working on figuring out how to get to the digest and making sure my business page is connected to my personal page. It may have become disconnected last time I moved. Thank you!”

-SM (organizer), GA


It was awesome!!! Thank you Michelle and Lauren!”

-RZ (organizer), CT


Thank you and Michelle for hosting such an informative and helpful meeting earlier today. “

-SK (organizer), CA


Your presentation on Nextdoor was excellent with lots of information and examples. I’m sure those who attended learned a lot, myself included ,of course. So thanks for offering this presentation. I think you should go back to NAPO and suggest it – again – for a conference program.”

-AW (organizer), PA


What an impressive presentation; very easy to see why you have such a successful business!  I work with seniors and most aren’t on social media but I picked up some valuable marketing tips. You have such empathy and truly care about helping others.  Your success is well deserved.

-JP (organizer), FL


“Thank you so much for all your support. I do try to use many of the tips you shared during the Nextdoor Webinar session you did last June, not just on Nextdoor, but on other platforms I am an active community member of, and it’s starting to yield quite some nice new business from those tricks, between sharing tips, and listing clients items to donate or sell. Thank you again.”

-AD (Organizer), NY