Virtual Organizing

Welcome to the New Normal

Lauren is a Certified Virtual Organizer as of May 2020.

Virtual organizing means that we will conduct our organizing sessions virtually via a video sharing platform.

Session Length
Sessions last 60 to 90-minutes and usually occur once or twice per week until the project is completed.

Light homework is assigned between sessions (no more than 30-minutes), and there will be additional check-ins between sessions, whether via text, email or during LMOI office hours.

Virtual sessions are ideal for those who:

  • have a busy schedule and can only devote 90-minutes at a time to a project
  • like to do projects on their own, but need coaching and accountability
  • are eager to learn new set of skills or don’t know where to start
  • do not want an organizer in their home (for any reason)
  • are social distancing or are immunocompromised
  • have a limited budget
  • are more remote or out of my normal service area

Bonus – It’s SCIENCE!
In these virtual sessions, I have seen progress on projects and new skills/habits formed much more quickly than during in-person/on site sessions. This is thanks to using all three learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) which helps to form new neuropathways. You didn’t realize that organizing is so closely related to brain science did you?!

Ways to Connect Virtually

  • Zoom
  • FaceTime

  • Google Hangouts or Google Duo
  • Go-to-Meeting

  • Free Conference Call
  • Skype


“While starting a new business is not easy, we are so grateful to have hired Lauren to assist us with everything from important paperwork organization/digital storage to organizing the physical space in our home to make our dream a reality. Lauren majorly enhanced our workspace, assisting us in creating a functional and convenient area of our home for both personal and professional use. From easy tips like using hooks to best utilize the storage space, to sending us fabulous ideas on new furniture options to enhance the dynamics of our shared kitchen area, Lauren was a very valuable resource. Her prompt emails following up after every session with a detailed recap and our homework to complete made it super simple for us to stay on task throughout our project. We strongly recommend Lauren as your virtual organizational teammate to help you feel as happy as we are in our new and MUCH improved work-from-home life!”
– Matt M., Napa, CA

I’ve worked with Lauren before and she’s an amazing organizer, but I wasn’t really sure how much I would get out of a virtual organizing session. After starting the project I’m not only impressed, I’m excited about what we’ve accomplished! Lauren has a system for virtual organizing that works very well so it’s easy even though it’s different than an in-person session. Her expertise helped me realize so much potential for a space that I really did not think I could do much with, and the result has far exceeded my expectations. I now love looking at my laundry room which used to cause me stress and anxiety.
– Monica S., Redwood City, CA

Are you ready to work with a compassionate, kind, and mindful organizer!