Professional Organizer Lauren Mang

I’m passionate about people and was born to help others get organized! As early as middle school, I was helping friends clean and organize their bedrooms, much to their parents’ delight. These skills continued to be useful in college, where I prided myself on being able to unpack and organize my dorm room in just one day.

I spent nearly a decade in the Fine Arts industry where I acquired new organizational skills related to cataloging and archiving fine art, and digital organizational skills including creating inventory lists and archiving digital assets. In 2012, after moves from New York to London, Los Angeles to San Francisco, I discovered I could turn this natural talent into a successful business. I still pinch myself to make sure this is real life!

With a focus on heart-centered or holistic* organizing, I strive to make you feel:

  • safe
  • understood
  • empowered
  • heard
  • nurtured

Organizing isn’t simply about “a place for everything and everything in its place.” It’s about creating an environment in which you thrive. I do this by customizing systems and plans tailored to you, focusing on your distinct needs as a guide.

I’m a compassionate, kind, and mindful organizer! I’m the person you call when you need to:

  • connect more with yourself or your family, and less with your stuff
  • when you’re ready to take back control of your life
  • when you yearn to live a more balanced life

Clients have told me I:

  • save marriages
  • am cheaper than a therapist
  • help people live with less
  • help people feel lighter and happier
  • help parents not want to strangle their kids
  • help people sleep better

Organizing is my gift to the world and I am grateful I get to work with fabulous clients on distinct challenges each and every day!

How can I help you?

*Holistic organizing focuses on taking a heart-centered approach to working with clients, letting the client’s physical, emotional, and mental state lead the session. Holistic is defined as integrating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects into one’s work. The holistic approach is not rooted in a particular spiritual or religious tradition and honors all paths. Holistic Organizers consider our work as sacred and we believe and know it is possible to transform lives with the work we do.

My Mission

My mission is to create harmonious domestic spaces and productive work environments that reduce your stress, help make you more efficient, and make you feel balanced. Furthermore, I strive to educate you on maintaining systems so you are successful moving forward.

Being organized is not about being perfect, but about improving your quality of life. I understand that getting your spaces organized can be overwhelming, and the first step is usually the hardest. You’ve found a safe harbor, personal cheerleader, motivator/coach, and expert in me. I value kindness, connection, and quality time with my clients.

Lauren Mang, CPO® & Owner

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