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Oh the dreaded junk drawer! When I was little, I remember my mom allowing me to have one junk drawer, where I could just throw everything.  Thanks to my organization gene, it never stayed ‘junky’ for long, but I noticed that a lot of households have at least one junk drawer.

I remember one of my roommates asking me if we could have a ‘junk drawer’ in our kitchen. She asked with hesitation because she knew how organized I was. I agreed, and included a drawer organizer so that we had the most organized junk drawer you’d ever seen!

A client hired me to assist her with the organization of her kitchen, which included a junk drawer. This client didn’t want to purchase any new organizers or storage solutions, so I simply categorized the items and placed them back in the drawer. I used ziplock bags to contain certain loose items, and a small Tupperware bin to coral some hardware (screws/nails). You could use shoe boxes, egg containers, or any other type of box you have in your kitchen/pantry to help you organize your junk drawer.

Or if you’re really ambitious, you can do what this blogger did, and create your own organized junk drawer using some extra pieces of wood.  You have to admit – it’s pretty clever!