Medicine Cabinet Makeover

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This is another favorite makeover of mine – the medicine cabinet. When I lived in LA, I lived in this adorable guest cottage where practically everything had been redone before I moved in. Everything, that is, except the medicine cabinet. It was creaky, had a rusty mirror, and was prominently displayed in the bathroom. It always seemed like an eyesore to me, but I had no idea how to make it look any better. “At least no one really goes into my medicine cabinet,” I would rationalize.

At the time I was working for Bneato and saw a post on her blog on making over your medicine cabinet using a decorative paper and some cork board. I thought it was genius, and a simple, affordable way to jazz up a tired cabinet!

I found a fun polka dot paper – a favorite print of mine – at Paper Source. I only had to purchase one sheet, which cost me maybe $2.50. Even if you don’t have a Paper Source near you, you can purchase decorative papers at Papyrus, Michaels or any arts & craft store. Check the ‘scrapbooking’ paper aisle, where you’ll find the widest variety of options.

I found the mini cork boards in packs of four at Staples. You could also use magnetic strips.

After removing the shelves, I measured the back part of the cabinet. I then transfered the measurements the paper (this was tricky because of the slightly rounded edges), then cut and adhered the paper to the back of the cabinet using double-stick tape. You could also line unsightly shelves with paper. The mini corkboards came with small, square sticky tabs that you can use to adhere them to the cabinet door (please note, these weren’t the best when it came to staying stuck, so a magnetic version might work better). The cork allowed me to pin up ideas for makeup or styles I want to try, as well as a place to put all those free samples.

I found myself going into my medicine cabinet just to admire it! It looked so fresh and modern, that I was no longer embarrassed if anyone took a peak. When I moved out of my little guest cottage, I left the setup for the next tenant to enjoy.