Wrapping Paper Organization Ideas

Wrapping Paper Organization Ideas

As you may have already gathered (from past blogs), I have nearly all my Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers purchased. What’s left to do? WRAPPING IT ALL! I have limited space in my current place, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find a creative and flattering way to store my wrapping paper, ribbons/bows, tissue and bags. Bonus: it’s good for gifts all year round, but especially helpful during this time of the year. I’ve found four great options, ranging in price, that I wanted to share.


1 – This is a very simplified way to organize your wrapping needs on the back of a closet door. You only need a few products: three door eye hooks, two bungee cords, four screws, and two clear, plastic baskets (there are many options for the basket: onetwo and three). You’ll screw the plastic baskets onto the door in two places and then screw in the door eye hooks and attach the bungee cords around the wrapping paper. It appears you can get up to four rolls in each plastic basket.

Save Option 1 for Wrapping Stations2 – This is another simple way to organize your wrapping needs, but looks more streamlined. You can find all the products from IKEA: railclips & hooks, and a basket.

Save Option 2 for Wrapping Stations


3 – Re-purpose this over-the-door pantry organizer into a wrapping station. You’ll remove one or two of the sections so you can get the tall wrapping paper in there and will likely need to secure them with a bungee cord or string. Other sites may have similar pantry organizers for various prices.

Middle of the Road Wrapping Paper Storage


4 – Or if you want to pay a little more (remember you can use this ALL year for your wrapping needs and not just at the holidays), I really like this option from The Container Store. This Elfa option includes several components that you can buy separately (click on ‘component list’) to create this look.

Splurge Wrapping Paper Station Option

I find I’m much more productive (and happy) when I’m organized. Now all that’s left is perfecting those wrapping skills!

Lauren Mang
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