That Makes Me h-APP-y! KeyRing App Review

That Makes Me h-APP-y! KeyRing App Review

Is your wallet bursting at the seams with loyalty cards? Mine certainly was. I even had a separate wallet for these cards, until I learned about the KeyRing app!

KeyRing Website

KeyRing makes it easy to add in all your loyalty and membership cards (think drug store, department stores, gym cards, gift cards, heck even your library card) digitally to your phone so that you always have them on you; and I don’t mean as little plastic cards attached to your car keys.

KeyRing App for iPhone

List of Loyalty Cards

KeyRing couldn’t make it easier: simply take a photo of the barcode on the card, select the store’s name, and photograph the front and back of the card, and you’re done.

Talbots Card


Your card doesn’t have a barcode? No problem! You can manually type in your loyalty or membership number and still add the card. The same is true if the store name isn’t already in their system.

No Barcode Example

Can't find store name

The Counter Card

When you’re at the store, simply pull up the card on your KeyRing app and they can (most times) scan the barcode from your phone. If not, they can look up your loyalty or membership number.

Barcode for Scanning

What I love about the app:


  • It’s free!
  • It saves you money! That’s right, KeyRing offers users 67,000 coupons from over 13,000 brands and retailers.
  • It keeps you informed! Do you love your weekly sale circulars? Find them via the KeyRing app and never miss a sale again.
  • It keeps you organized! You can create custom shopping lists and save coupons for your trips.
  • It’s very easy to use and holds all your cards in one convenient (paperless) place!
  • Most stores can scan the barcodes right from the phone app, but if not, they can manually type in your membership number.
  • It works! You’ll never miss those pesky plastic cards – feed them to that hungry shredder!

It’s as easy as that!

Lauren Mang
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