Organization Myths Busted: Storage Bins

Organization Myths Busted: Storage Bins

The “Organization Myths Busted” blog series kicks off by exploring if the storage bin really is the ‘magic bullet’ of organizing.

I’d like to debunk this myth by claiming that clear, plastic, rectangular storage bins aren’t always the answer to your organizational woes. A lot of people think that if they buy these storage bins to place their stuff in, they are organized. Storage bins only work when like-items are organized inside them. If you simply collect random items together in a bin, you are not really organized.

One of the biggest mistakes I see clients make is to go out and purchase storage bins before we even begin the organization process. While I appreciate that many people use the new storage bins as motivation, buying items before you know what you really need is a waste of time, space, and money. This is a mistake because we don’t yet know how the space will take form, and what types of storage spaces/bins we’ll ultimately need. It’s best to let the organization happen first, and then buy only what is necessary. Once the room is organized and we understand how it will better function, we can measure for shelving units, storage bins or other containers. Not only does this save money, it also ensures harmony within the room. 

Additionally, rectangular storage bins don’t always work best in a particular space or room. Often times, other types of containers will work better. I like to use decorative basketscubes, or even pieces of furniture that include built-in storage. There are a number of options out there, don’t just go for the ‘magic bullet’ and expect it to work for each room or project.

Remember, not all plastic storage bins are created equal. It’s extremely important to invest in good quality plastic that won’t warp in extreme heat, crack in severe cold, or buckle under immense weight. Also, not all plastic storage bins have the right type of closure. It’s important to invest in bins that create a proper seal to keep dust, bugs, moisture and other elements out. I like containers with handles that snap securely over the lid. I think containers with basic lids are not worth the investment, and I absolutely detest the ones that have the lids with the hinged lid down the middle. These will not protect your items, especially in storage units or garages; plus they are a nightmare to close properly. 

What are some of your favorite storage containers/bins/solutions?

Lauren Mang
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