That Makes Me h-APP-y! ScanCafe Review

That Makes Me h-APP-y! ScanCafe Review

When I started Let Me Organize It, I thought one service I could offer that would set me apart from other organizers would be to help people transform their printed photos into digital ones. I was even more excited when I realized my Fujitsu Scansnap ix500 could scan photos into jpeg format just as quickly as it scanned papers into PDFs. One of my first clients decided she wanted to use my photo scanning service and I spent 3 hours organizing, scanning and labeling about 335 family photos of varying sizes.

We quickly realized that the large majority of the photos had lines through them in the same place on each photo. It was then that I realized that my Scansnap – love it though I do – was not going to cut it. Another organizer recommended ScanCafe and since they were running a special, I decided to try them.

The ScanCafe Process

I was impressed with them from the start. Upon placing my order I received a pre-printed label and instructions on how to pack up the photos. Once UPS scanned the package ‘in transit,’ I immediately got a text and an email from ScanCafe that the package was registered and on its way. Every few days I’d get an update: the package arrived; the package was assigned to a technician; the technician had completed the project; the photos were ready to returned; the package was on its way; the package was delivered. The communication was excellent, especially since these photos are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable, which ScanCafe clearly understood.

All in all the process took less than two weeks. I opted to have the photos stay in California (an extra charge), but it was great knowing they were just over in the East Bay, and not overseas. You pay for half the order up front, and the remainder when they are returned. I overestimated the number of photos, but ScanCafe only charged me per photo they scanned. Not only did I get all the photos on a DVD, but they sent me a download link before the photos shipped back. Also, ScanCafe was quick to respond to any questions I had about the process.

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of printed photos that you’d love to have digitized, but you don’t know where to start. My recommendation is leave it to the professionals! ScanCafe has this down to a science and can scan and color correct a photo in less time than their competitors. ScanCafe also digitizes slides, negatives and movies (in varying formats).

All the services ScanCafe offers.

This is a great gift to give a loved one this holiday season! I plan to get my family’s photos scanned as a gift to my dad with each holiday: Christmas, Father’s Day, Birthdays. ScanCafe is a great option and you can get 20% off your order with promo code MANG20

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*Photos courtesy of ScanCafe

Lauren Mang
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