That Makes Me h-APP-y! Waze

That Makes Me h-APP-y! Waze

The “That Makes Me h-APP-y!” blog series continues with the benefits of using Waze to stay ahead of traffic. Waze helps me stay organized by getting me places quickly and safely, so I can be as efficient as possible the rest of my day.

Gone are the days of needing a separate GPS device in your car to get you where you need to go. Now-a-days, everything is at your fingertips via your smartphone. I used to rely primarily on Google Maps as my default navigation (since most other apps used it as well, and it came on my phone). I had heard of Waze, but it looked a bit too animated/complicated for me.

Waze Map of the San Francisco Bay Area

A few months ago I switched to Waze when Google Maps wasn’t alerting me to heavy traffic. Waze got me out of the traffic jam and to my appointment with mere seconds to spare. That’s when I became a Waze enthusiast and adopter of their motto outsmarting traffic together!

What I like:

  • It’s safe! If the app senses the car is moving, it will ask you to stop or proceed if you’re the passenger. It also tells you to ‘drive safe’ when you start the navigation, and alerts you to traffic, radar traps, accidents, stop-light cameras, and other hazards.
  • It’s informative! Waze relies on their users to report traffic accidents, police activity and other helpful tips, like if there is an issue with the map, local gas prices, and helpful places nearby (stores, restaurants, etc.).
  • It’s social! Waze can connect with your contacts to let them know when you’ll be arriving to your destination. You can also connect with other users on the road (so long as you’re not doing so while driving) via a chat.
  • It’s fun! You can customize your Waze app to sound like Elvis or a Boy Band, or have fun accents. You also unlock different avatars the more you use the app. While I find this a bit too ‘gamey,’ I know a lot of users love this feature.
  • It’s global! Waze isn’t just used in the US – it’s global. Maps are available around the world, and you can chose from 39 languages. The Waze website reports that 73% of ‘wazers’ speak a language other than English – so there you go.
  • It’s efficient! I trust Waze to get me where I need to go in the fastest, yet safest route possible, and that’s just what it does. I’d rather travel on side streets and constantly be moving, and that’s what Waze offers. Taking these unknown streets has shown me some beautiful areas I would’ve otherwise missed.
  • It gives back to the community! During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Waze is marking local screening centers on their map with a pink ribbon. You gotta love that!

    Wazer Avatars
    Bottom line: download this app. It helps you stay efficient during the day by getting you to the places you need to go quickly and safely (so long as you keep those eyes on the road). There are a lot of great tools available to wazers and the app is a lot more reliable and accurate than Google Maps. See you on the road!

    *Images courtesy of Waze.

Lauren Mang
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