Opt for Theme Words Over Resolutions this NYE

This year, ditch resolutions for a theme word to get you focused!

Opt for Theme Words Over Resolutions this NYE

It’s nearing that time again: the end of one year, and the excitement around a new one we haven’t even met yet. After the stress of the holiday season, many people are happy to see the year come to an end, and don’t care if the door slams shut on it – good riddance! With the same passion they eagerly await the potential of the new year, and all that it will hopefully bring.

I gave up making resolutions years ago, mostly because I never ended up sticking to them (sound familiar?). Of course, I had the best of intentions, and they all were great things to focus on, but life got in the way and after a few weeks or few months, they’d fall by the wayside. Instead, I was intrigued by a new concept: picking a theme word to guide my year.

Theme Words 2016-2018

I had done a coaching course in 2015 which opened my eyes to this technique, and I decided that in 2016 I wanted to focus on self-care and more time for me. It was dubbed “The Year of Me.” While I did a better job of it in 2016 than I had in years past, self-care and time for me is still something I practice daily on attaining.

In 2017, I focused my attention on Prosperity & Abundance. After learning more about Feng Shui, and now that I had solid footing in my business, I wanted to see some real growth. The business did become more profitable and I was also able to save money personally. Of course, prosperity and abundance were not limited to only money. I felt it in all areas of my life including the quality of relationships I was building, and my overall quality of life including my health.

2018 was the year for major Transformation and Growth. By this time, I was working alongside a life coach with a focus on love and relationships, and felt old wounds resurface so they could be heard and healed. These were not limited to wounds around romantic relationships, but all relationships: with parents, with siblings, with close friends, with lovers, with business friends/colleagues and even with clients. I’m still on the journey, and still get triggered. But I’m now more equipped to recognize why, and work through it, rather than shut down or fly off the handle.

That brings us to this year, In 2019, I wanted to find my Joy again. My best friend had her baby in late 2017 and I watched in awe as this new being greeted each day of her life with curiosity, happiness, and pure joy. When did I lose that? Why? How do I get it back? I thought about this a lot in 2018 and in December decided to make it my theme word for 2019. I chose to find joy through childlike playfulness which has been harder than I expected. It’s easier on days I spend with Grace, because she reminds me to be silly and have fun. I’m more in the present when with her, and it’s easier to see the joy in life through her innocent eyes.

My 2019 Theme

I want to impress upon you that I don’t simply focus on the word for one year and then move on. The goal is to practice it formally for a year, but to bring it along and practice it in years that follow. I’m not sure I’ll ever master these words, nor is that the point. Instead, it’s to continue on my path of growth in this lifetime; to make myself the best version of me that I can be. Not just for me, but in service to those around me.

I already have my word selected for 2020 and I’m super excited about it. It’s different than in years past, but I think it’ll be just what I need at the end of my 30s. I promise to share it with you on January 1st, but you’re more than happy to guess if you’d like (in the comments below).

Until then, I’d love to know if you also choose a theme word to focus on over new year’s resolutions. If so, would you be willing to share the in the comments? If not, are you inspired or at least intrigued to give it a try? What do you want to call into your life or focus on in the new year ahead?

I know the holidays can be a tough time for many people. I hope that you find love, joy and some peace during this holiday season. If you are feeling lonely, please seek out a friend to spend some quality time with, or go out and spend some quality time with yourself in nature and try to connect spiritually to something bigger out there – God, the universe, energy, whatever it may be to you.

Happy Holidays and I’ll look forward to connecting with you again in the new year!

Lauren Mang
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