That Makes Me h-APP-y! Tile App Review

That Makes Me h-APP-y! Tile App Review

Have you ever misplaced your keys? What about your wallet? Not to worry, you’re in good company. We all have at some point or another, even us organizers. But if you tend to do it regularly, you might want to look into Tile.

Tile for your keys | Let Me Organize It

While I don’t personally own a Tile (yet), I know many people to who do, and they use it for a variety of different reasons. The majority of people use Tile on their keys or wallet, but I even know some people who leave a Tile in their car. And one of my client’s put the Tile on her dog’s collar. Genius!
Tile for your dog | Let Me Organize It

I could see this being a great addition to checked luggage! Check out the Tile blog for even more creative uses for the Tile.

How does it all work? Your phone picks up the bluetooth signal your Tile lets off, so you can use your phone to find it. What if your phone is missing? You can log into your tile account on someone else’s device to locate your own.

And Tile builds on the community. Say your item goes missing, if you report it using the Tile app, all Tile users will be alerted and their devices will start to beep should they near your item.

Here’s a video that shows you how it all works. The only drawback is that it works for about a year before you have to recycle and replace it. But as the technology advances, the life expectancy of the Tile likely will, too! Tile works with Android and iPhone.

We can definitely think of a few relatives and clients to gift this to! Do you own a Tile? If so, how do you use it?

*featured image and video courtesy of the Tile website

Lauren Mang
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