That Makes Me h-APP-y! Time Timer Review

That Makes Me h-APP-y! Time Timer Review

People often ask me how I can be so organized. I do believe some people are born with the talent, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: I use the same tricks that I recommend to clients. For example, I cannot live without a timer to keep me on task and on time.

Timers are a part of every Professional Organizer’s arsenal. As project managers, we must manage time with clients to make sure we get the task at hand completed in the most efficient way possible. It’s also important that we take into consideration that our clients are not like us, and get organizing fatigue, requiring breaks throughout the day.

In the past I used the basic alarm feature on my iPhone for everything – even alerts to move my car (boo to limited time parking). I set an alarm before my consultations to keep on track, when I’m working with clients, and even when networking with other organizers. Otherwise time tends to get away from me. Occasionally when working with clients, I’d use the stopwatch feature on my iPhone, and then I discovered the Time Timer app.

The Time Timer App

Actually, I was introduced to the Time Timer ages ago, but was reminded of it during a professional organizer meeting: our guest speaker used it to stay on track during her presentation. At the end of the session she mentioned that it was available as an app!

What I love about the app is that it’s visual, and I’m more of a visual learner. I can see how much time I have left based on the red portion that gets smaller as the minutes wind down. This is a great tool for kids who can’t yet tell time, anyone with ADD, and even those with autism. You can even have multiple timers going at once – talk about multitasking!


You can get this app for your iPad/iPhone, Android and desktop. The cost is approximately $2.99. You can also order the timer (in clock form or watch form) on the Time Timer website or via Amazon.

Bottom line: the Time Timer can help you manage your time more efficiently, and who couldn’t use a little more time these days?!

*Photos courtesy of TimeTimer

Lauren Mang
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